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Music That Tells a Story

Believe Me Single Cover.png



We released this single to showcase a side of our sound and lyrical maturity we had yet to exploit. When listened to passively, its a happy, sunny track with catchy, melodic hooks. Listen a little closer and you can hear the relatable struggle between lovers as our protagonist pleads with his lover to stay, trying to work through it. 

Like many relationships, with on again/off again dynamics, this song display multiple "false endings", but eventually concludes with a comforting serenade that feels like a sonic cuddle. 

Get in Touch



Our great big rock'n'roll follow up single to our EP. This track perfectly encapsulates our mentality around this time. One of our original members (Dylan) had recently left the band and we found ourselves once again gripping to define a new sound. 

This song was spawned out of many high speed nights, across a couple high intensity months. What was born can be described as something of a sonic "bender" taking you along for this short n' sweet joyride. 

We later released a stop motion animation music video for this track, which doubles down on the fun/campy nature of the lyrics.

Cops Push Mongo Single Cover.jpg
The Drain Outs EP Cover.png



1. Shot Me Down

2. Fishbowl

3. Davy Jones

4. Glory Daze

5. June Havoc

6. Nectarine

This is our debut EP release. Recorded and mixed by Nathan Doyle at Voyager Recording. Produced and distributed entirely independently. This record saw us testing the sonic waters and honing in on what kind of music we wanted to make pushing forward. In addition to our three core members, Dylan Carney can also be heard playing second guitar on all of these tracks. "Shot Me Down" and "Nectarine" were both released as singles prior to release, but it would be "Glory Daze" that would go on to become a fan favorite and a live staple moving forward. We also released a music video for "Davy Jones" during this period.... Great times.

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